Our opportunities



  1. Adequate human resource with talents that can be tapped
  2. The school has an opportunity for the students to excel academically
  3. Exploit the land resource
  4. High potential for increased stake holders support
  5. Support from the Teachers Service Commission
  6. Newly launched BOM with members of diverse experiences, skills and opinions.
  7. C.D.F. support.
  8. F.D.S.E. – Free Day Secondary Education
  9. Support from Alumni/Old students.

Message from the Principal

I wish to aknowledge the staff,support staff and students of Elburgon secondary for their encouragement and support.

My special thanks to the board …

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The school started in 1950 in a 4.5 acre land as a pre school for the Asians living in Elburgon.

In 1966 soon …

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