School History



The school started in 1950 in a4.5 acre land as a pre school for the Asians living in elburgon.

In 1966 soon after independence, the Asians donated the school to the Africans in the presence of the founding father of Kenya-mzee jomo Kenyatta.The school was named michinda and later harambee secondary which was later renamed to elburgon secondary in the year 2000.Aim was to change the dominance prevailing attitude of mediocrity associated with harambee schools.

The existing girls dormitory. Staff quotas, form two block are existing building donated at that time.


The school is located 35km North westof nakuru12km from molo townand 17km from njoro.available facilities and services are: elburgon town,nyayo sub district hospital.The county directors of education are based in molo.

Message from the Principal

I wish to aknowledge the staff,support staff and students of Elburgon secondary for their encouragement and support.

My special thanks to the board …

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Our opportunities


Adequate human resource with talents that can be tapped The school has an opportunity for the students to excel …

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